Now that you've mastered the moves, drinking, and flexing,
you'll need to learn the dances of the Roxy Guy. We'll start
with the basic moves, then progress.

A reminder for these moves.  During all dances: 
1. Puck your lips forward and give an affirmative,
yet arrogant, pucker.  
2. Keep your arm muscles flexed. A Roxy Guy needs to
show off his physique at ALL times.
3. Stare at every woman as you dance.
4. Never wipe the sweat from your face.
Dance 1: Bobbing
The easiest move. Bob back and forth. Make sure you do it in conjuction with the music, keep your lips pucked with the arrogant yet affirmative look, and muscles flexed.

Dance 2: Side To Side
A very simple motion. Do the bobbing, but now move to the left then to the right, back to the left, then to the right, etc. Get it?
Dance 3: Tricep Pulldown

As a Roxy Guy you need to show off your muscles. This dance allows you to do it. Like the Tricep Pulldown weight move, you pretend you are holding a bar parallel to your body, with your hands close together, both clenched in fists.  Now keep your hands about 5 inches apart. Now go up and down like the Tricep Pulldown. Do it fast and flex your triceps.  Now look to the left, middle, right, then middle, left, middle, right, etc.  Now do the Side To Side. This is a GREAT dance move, one of my favorites.

Dance 4: Nordic Track

This is the ultimate Roxy Guy dance move. When you've learned this dance, you are the top. This is pretty much a summation of the above.  You've all seen the Nordic Track commercials, right?  Remember the cross country ski machine?  Well the motions are similar.

Here's what you do.  Like the Face PullDown, instead of pulling from your face, pull from further away from your face and pull from the opposite side of your arms. So if you are pulling with your right, outstretch your arm to the LEFT and pull down and inward from the left side.  For the left arm, pull down from the right.  Practice this first so you get the hang of it.

Once that's mastered you need the footwork.  When you outstretch your right arm, kick out your left leg.  As you pull in, bring in your left leg. Now do the same for your left arm and right leg. This is a toughie so keep trying till you get it in a superfluous motion.  Wow, the chicks will love you if you can do this dance move.

The last advice I can give is mix up all these moves and start making your own routine. For example I like the Tri Pulldown, with side to side, and throwing in some full body circle spins. You will have reached Roxy Guy to the fullest.