If you think you can become a Roxy Guy overnight, think again.  It's not that simple. You may get the mechanics figured out quickly, but if you don't have the brawn and technique, then forget it. But, regardless, like Yoda...I will show you the Way.

Step 1: Workout
That's right. Hit the gym. You need to pump up so get out and pump some iron. Pay special attention to your lat muscles and finger muscles. These will come in handy later. Protein shakes/bars/supplements.  You name it, take it. Steroids will also, most definitely help you speed up the process of you becoming a Roxy Guy much quickly. Please note, I do not condone the use of steroids.

Step 2: Purchase New Clothing
Once you pumped up, then you must buy some new threads to show off your muscles. Sorry, those khaki pants, button down shirts won't do anymore.  You need to update your clubwear. I'm talking DKNY, D&G, Armani Exchange, Versace, and the likes. Be sure to buy the tops a few sizes smaller so they are  nice and tight on you. Chicks love seeing the sweat just soaking up on you.

By the way, DKNY stands for Donna Karen New York. D&G stands for Dolce E Gabbana. You'll need to be ready to know these higher brands of clothing for men.

Look in the mirror.  You look good now, huh?  Sweet, we're getting there.
Step 3: Learn The Motions

Ok you got the look down, now you need the moves.  First step is the drink.  Roxy Guys rarely drink beers.  You need mixed drinks - Vodka cranberry, gin and tonic, etc. My personals are Greey Goose Orange and Tonic, Kettle 1, and Red Bull & Vodka. 

Make sure your drink comes with a straw because you need to show you can bend it. OK so now you have the drink and straw here's what you do. Bend the straw over the rim of the glass and hold it in place with your index finger. See simple isn't it?  You may need to do this exercise daily to strengthen the muscle in your index finger for this. Next extend your last two fingers, like your drinking from a tea cup. 

Now the drinking itself.  With the drink in hand swing your arm around to your mouth. See, your lat muscles don't get in the way (because now you are jacked you can't drink straight anymore - it's the price you pay for being The Roxy Guy)

After the sip, puck your lips and look to the left, middle, then right. You can start from the right if you wish.

Now with the other arm, clench your fist and bang it in the air.  Now you are looking good, baby. This is greatly helped with the right kind of music.

Step 4: What To Say To A Girl
So now that you have  mastered the technique of  The Roxy Guy, what do you do when women start flocking to you. After all, you're in a club, what else do you want but to go home with a foxy lady, right?  All you have to remember when talking to a fine chick at a club is always let her know you are The Roxy Guy.  How do you do that? Well besides doing all the steps above, as your talking to the foxy lady be sure you stare at YOUR biceps. That's right YOUR own biceps. Both of them. And as you stare at them be sure to speak to her, glancing at your arms and her, moreso your arms.  For added affect rub your chest and flex your chest as well.  With this in mind, she will no doubt know you are The Roxy Guy.
Now you need to learn the Roxy Guy Dance Moves
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