I'm from Boston and I frequent the clubs of Boston. I enjoy a good night out of dancing and drinking (always reasonable) with good friends.  These pages are designed out of good fun and I put them together so I could easily explain to others what the aura and mystique of "The Roxy Guy" is. To receive updates to this site please sign up on my mailing list.
What Is The Roxy Guy?
One night I began to notice that many guys at these clubs all look, act and dress in a very similar fashion. If you've visited Boston you know that "The Roxy" is one of Boston's most popular nightclubs. Saturday night is by far the most popular.  Here you will find the crème de la crème of these types of guys, which I will tell you about...hence the term "The Roxy Guy".

So what does a Roxy Guy look like and do?  Well there are easy characteristics that give it away.

  1. First and foremost, he's big and he's jacked.  His muscles are bulging.  This could be the result of steroids, but that's anyone's guess. Why must he be big?  A few reasons.  He needs to show off his manlihood, show off his testosterone, and lastly, he needs the muscles to perform the Roxy Guy dance moves (as you'll later see).

  2. Clothing - The Roxy Guy needs to show off his brawn so he will be wearing the tightest fitting clothing. Shit, he may even be seen without a shirt.

  3. Next, when he drinks from a glass (usually not a beer drinker) he has the straw bent over the rim of the glass and held in place with his right or left index finger (depending on which hand he's holding the drink).  He needs to bend the straw to show that he has the strength to do it and most importantly, to maintain it there.

  4. The Roxy Guy takes special care in how he drinks.  As most people drink, you bring the glass from the the hand straight up to the mouth. But you see, The Roxy Guy can't do this. His lat muscles (which are the back muscles under the armpits) get in the way. Therefore, The Roxy Guy MUST take is arm around from his side to the front of his face. This allows superfluous motion so he can drink.

  5. After taking a sip, The Roxy Guy needs to show affirmation to the plethora of "imaginary" women around him. So what he does is, he pucks his lips forward and gives an affirmative, yet arrogant, pucker.  He does this as he looks to the left, to the middle, then to the right, in a smooth motion.

  6. Last, as he proceeds with the second part of #4, he raises his right hand (if drink is in left hand) and makes a fist and starts motioning back and forth, again showing his affirmation. This is the final and most important step in determining if you have a Roxy Guy in front of you.
You need all these steps to determine if you have a Roxy Guy.
So now that you know what The Roxy Guy is, want to be one?  It's not tough, and with some simple lessons, you will be on your fine way to becoming a Roxy Guy.

If you are ready, then let me show you How To Be A RoxyGuy